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I was stopped at a red light waiting for it to change green. While waiting a vehicle reared-ended my vehicle.

The driver of the other vehicle is insured through this cheap insurance comapny named Apollo casualty compony. I immediately called 911 and had a Chicago Police Officer come to the scene. Both of us were told to go to the station and file a accident report there by the Officer. The Officer at the station took our information down and told us that the insurance company would determine who was at fault.

the next day I called his insurance comapny to file a claim. I received a form to fill out asking how the acident occurred. This gave this idoit plenty of time to think about a lie to write in his statement. He stated that I came to a sudden stop and was basically at fault.

Of course they were going to take his statement into consideration over mines since he was insured through the cheap insurance company that don't want to pay out. The settlement reflected an offer based on 70% liability due to this statement that I made a sudden stop. Which was a lie. And by the way if I was to make a sudden stop, he would still be 100% at fault for following to close.

He should have gotten a ticket from the police Officer if that was the case. I am glad he did slight damage to my vehicle and he nearlt totaled out his. So my advice is that Apollo casualty company is a cheap money hungry insurance company that doesn't want to pay out.

I am in the process of having my insurance company fight this issue for me and sue them. :-) Ha Ha!

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Phil, good point on your comment written 8/1/09. I live in FL but had an accident in Lisle, IL on 7/29/11.

The other driver who was at fault and was issued a ticket.

He was insured by Apollo Casualty. Apollo is denying my claim stating their policyholder said, "I hit him." It does appear the President of this Company, Marvin Himmelstein, has a good working relationship with the IL Goverment and Insurance Commissioner or he would be out of business.


You are right in saying Apollo was a cheap money hungry insurance company. Despite so many complaints against this company, the department and the Attorney General's office are not taking action.

Look like corruption has gone out of roof and penetrated in all the departments also. By the way, did your insurance company fight for you? Most companies won't bother if claims are small. This way the other insurance companies also perpetuating the criminal misbehaviour of Apollo.

It seems like that is the way the insurance industry work. They don't care about the consumers. They have to just jack up insurance premiums and ultimately we, the customers have to pay. The economic and sociel impacts are so high, it's high time to put a stop to this type of criminal behaviour in the insurance industry.

The Govt.

made it compulsory to have auto insurance, but do not have any control over the fixation of premium or any directives. The loop holes are enormous and totally based on preying on consumers.