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In January, 2009, a person insured with Apollo caused a car accident and admitted at 100% fault. This insurance company took its time to have its "so-called" investigation and denied our legitimate claim.

As this insurance company is not a member of an arbitration board, other big insurance companies hesitate to take them to court for small claims. In turn, good and honest people like us keep on getting hurt by the crooked companies like Apollo, who have a pattern of not paying claims.

Now is the time to put a complete stop to this type of illegal, unethical and criminal mind set behaviour of an insurance company.

Please join me and others to bring a common suit against Apollo Casualty Comapany doing business in Illinois and other states to face up reality and responsibility. Write me/ e-mail me :

Monetary Loss: $5000.

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Their driver has permanently ruined my knees and totalled my car...Almost 3 yrs. Later, even with a law suit they still haven't reimbursed us..They have to be in a politician's get away with such disregard for the law...Our accident was so straight forward that the other even assumed fault at the scene!

Still they denied this claim. Going to file complaints with the IL. Attorney General's office and the IL dept.

of ins. And try to locate a law that will sue Apollo Casualty, themselves for violating the " unfair claims act of IL".


Well I just got into an accident with someone with this company, I'm reading all of these comments.. This is fuckedddup, I don't know how but this company will pay 10grand left to pay for my car if not I'm Going to get this dude to pay.

I have 2 witnesses stating it was not my fault.had a passenger go to the hospital, This seems like its gonna be a big mess, which I Don't wanna deal with. I think the only way you can get these people to pay is if you annoy them with calls and check up on your Claim every so often.

College student with 2 jobs majoring in criminal justice. It's only getting started :sigh


So I geuss I ain't the only one going thru this mess with this insurance company ok it's going on a month now and they giving me the run arounds one of there insured drivers crash into my car while it was parked I wasn't even there they smash my car into a tree I got over 6000 in damage I got all the paper work they ask for so the last two things they needed was the police report and they client paperwork so they got the police report now they telling me there waiting to here from there client but I took to the lady she claim that she gave them everything and paid them her deductible now I don't know what to do if any one ever get paid from the company please let me kno how u did it.


We all have similar stories. The bottom line is to have any action at all, we need to make the lawmakers aware of the unjust acts.

We need to bombard the Illinois Department of Insurance with the continued complaints.

At some point the injustice has to stop. I too was hit by a drunk driver insureed with Apollo, they denied my claim too bottom line, I won't stand for anything less than my deductable back...let's fight the nonsense!


If any driver is DUI, than legally any ins. isn't responsible.

This is a law, wchich isn't faviarable to the victims... So for what the world insurance stand for?


This is completely a sham company!!!! A woman coming out of a liquor store on her phone hopped into her car and backed in to me when I was PARKED.

The Police officer showed up and advised me to "try" and get any where with Apollo as he had personally filed a claim with them after he had been hit by a Apollo insured driver and they screwed him. What a complete joke.

How is this company allowed to remain in business??????? PISSED!


Correction to my last entry....Since I didn't appear for the "Witness" hearing, it does NOT mean their policyholder was NOT at fault since he received a ticket. My insurance co requested Apollo's limits, Apollo refused.

My insurance company sent the claimant a letter, no reply. From what we have heard Apollo usually carries 20/40 liability limits. As a previous posted comment on this site, I provided a copy of the police report and 17 scene photos of the accident. I work for an insurance co (Homeowners) and took the time to take photo's to document the stop sign the Apollo driver ran, along with photo's of both vehicles.

All of this was provided to Apollo Casualty.

If you go on the Ins Commissioner site....2008 Apollo Casualty had 108 Complaints...107 were due to claims and 1 for policy service... res ipsa loquitur!


An Apollo Casualty driver turned left off of a side road hitting my work van. The driver appeared to have tried to leave the scene.

But his and my car was diabled. The policeman tried obtaining a statement from the driver and he kept making comments that the police called him out on. Then the driver said he bumped his head and didn't remember anything. The Apollo driver received a ticket.

I was driving a company vehicle and was injured. Apollo sent me a request for the name of my representative, then three days later sent a denial letter. Reason, their policyholder stated I hit him. I brought to their attention, their policyholder was issued a ticket.

They replied, since the Witness (me-who lives in FL) did not appear, the ticket was dropped. I stated that still does not prove he was at fault. So, now I assume I have to obtain an attorney for the liability. Any sugguestions of anything else I can do other than filing a complaint?

From other comments, a complaint doesn't appear to help. Where does "Bad Faith" claim handling come into play?


Owner of Apollo Casualty Co. car accident liability policy caused car accident with severe damage to the car he collided with (police car accident repot).

Extend of damage was estimated by employee of Apollo.

Apollo issued written note to the owner of damaged car “Until our investigation is complete we will neither accept nor deny liability and/or coverage. We will notify you of our decision when we have completed our investigation.” It is already one full month and there is no completion of investigation.

The car is not drivable. Frustrated.


Once I heard that the guy that hit me in the rear had apollo, I know I was screwed. After 4 weeks of them saying that they hadn't heard back from their client about him hitting me and not having the police report I decided to do the work myself.

The police report had been available two weeks which I paid to get a copy of and sent to them. After another week of them investigating the police report, they cut me a check for 70% of the damages. Base on the word of their client, I was 30% responsible for the accident b/c I slammed on my breaks. That's interesting b/c the car in front of me and myself were stopped for at least 5 sec before I was rear ended and pushed into her.

Oh, lets not forget that he was on his cell phone while driving. Apollo sucks. Then they give me a check for a fraction of what it really costs to repair my car and tell me that if I take it to a shop that's not on their list, I'll have to pay all additional costs.

The shops they work with are just as terrible at fixing cars as they are at insuring them. Now I has to sue this guy to get the difference in the car repairs.


:x I am insured with this company. Oh, I wish my agent told me about them or I had seen these complaints before.

I,m still sitting with a damaged car. Everything any one has said is true of this company. The lies, intentional delays and chop shop tactics they use to total your working vehicle. Like all the rest of you I have filed a complaint with the Il.

Dept of Insurance. The Dept. states it's not a judiciary. I can't afford a lawyer.

It's been a month and three quarters and now Apollo says they haven't received my paper work even though I sent everything certified and they sign for it. Stay far far away from this company.


It's remarkable how strong a pattern I see from the comments here. My wife was parked in her car when an Apollo-insured car backed into her.

The driver apologized immediately. We naively assumed that the insurance company would assume the $800 or so in damages. After a few hours off of work to file a police report (requested by Apollo), a half day off of work to take the car to the Apollo-approved garage on the other side of town for an estimate, and then a several week delay in Apollo responding at all, they denied the claim. This was after a couple of weeks driving without a side mirror because they informed us that we had to go to their garage to get the estimate and repair, and led us to believe it would be a fairly quick process.

(In retrospect -- I urge anyone dealing with this dubious company to immediately go to your own insurance company if you are waiting for any estimates or repairs from Apollo.) After awhile I suspected they were intentionally delaying things for whatever reason.

In any event, our insurance company got involved and they filed a claim againt Apollo, but later dropped it -- even admitting that it seemed a clear case that the other driver was at fault. Goodbye $500 deductible, hello Illinois Department of Insurance.


Same thing happend to me... I was rearended by one of there clients..

Apollo denied the claim and said I swerved into his lane and hit him.. I was stopped at a red light..

Now have to take the third party to small claims court., If that happens to you file complaint with the Illinois department of Insurnace... People that are innocent should not have to go through these headaches....


Apollo must be stopped, live up to their obligation to pay legitimate claims and be put out of business.

My husband was hit by an Apollo insured and Apollo is denying the claim. That's after the other party got a ticket and we had a witness.

Apollo must be stopped!


Apollo denied a claim for a driver that hit my parked car on the side of the street. Similar to the rest of you stories, the driver was found guilty of a improper lane usage.

Apollo denied the claim due to the fact that based on their insured's written accident report another "mystery" car was involved which caused their driver to hit my car. Therefore their driver was not the "proximate cause of loss". I am a licensed insurance agent. I have never heard such a ridiculous reason for denying a claim such as this one.

I even filed a complaint to the department of insurance, which Apollo had responded with a letter filled with lies. I actually had the driver sit down in my office and sign and date a statement that he was convicted in traffic court and he hit my vehicle. The problem with the department of insurance is that they will not judge who is liable. Not to mention my insurance will not litigate against Apollo because the amount of the claim is not enough.

Apollo has basically stated "come sue us".

I am a licensed insurance agent that works with legitmate insurance companies and I have never heard of a claim being denied on this level. Apollo needs to go down.


Lets band to gether and get rid if this sham company!!!


You have a 5 year statue of limitations to file suit on said occurrence. You have a right to file a complaint with the Department of Insurance.

If you need to file a suit in small claims court ask for restitution and filing costs. If you have collision coverage file a claim with your carrier and have them proceed under your rights of Subrogation.


So, following up with my case. After apollo denied to pay for my car, we submit a court order against the driver (since IL laws do not allow to sue the insurance company directly) and also we filed a claim with the Illlinois Department of Insurance, they very promptly answered to our concerns with apollo and after 2 - 3 weeks the IDI sent us a letter with the answer that Apollo gave them..." we denied this claim because weather conditions, however after further investigation our insured has stated that he saw Mr MM standing in fron of him and he didn't put the brakes until it was too late, therefore, we have withdraw this denial..."

So, finally we got a letter from them making an offer for our car since is a total loss. We canceled the court against the other driver and accpepted the offer.

Now we are just waiting for their answer.


My dad was hit by a car insured by Apollo. the lady was tailgating and got too close.

she got a ticket from the officer. We went to court and my dad and i went to testify against her. she was found GUILTY in court and still Apollo denied the claim. said their insured was not at fault.


she was found guilty in court. looks like its going to be a long fight.


I was involved in a car accident with one person insured by apollo, this person hit my car from the back and pushed me against the car in fron of me. the person admited 100% his fault, but Apollo had denied my case and they wont fix my car, because they said "it was it is not the driver's fault, is the weather's fault", so ridiculos excuse not to accpet responsability.

I have filed a complain with BBB and with Illinois department of insurances, and also sent an email to a local news channel in case they get interested in this matter for investigation. I also have talked to the person insured by them about it, I will take him to court if he does not take responsability on this. So far he has been trying to help me to deal with his insurance but sadly they dont even want to take his pohone calls either. Can you believe what kind of company treats even their own clients like this....

simply ridiculos. They are a shame.