River Forest, Illinois

They are the worst insurance company I have ever encountered! I'm going to report them in hopes they get closed down and stop ripping people off.

I had full coverage on my auto mobile for 2 years. Unfortunately, my vehicle caught on fire (reason unknown) and caused part of my aunts house to get damaged. During the whole claim process they verbally told me both, my car and aunt's house, would be covered. Eventually, they covered my car but refused to cover the damage to the house.

They verbatim stated, "the insured (me) had no prior knowledge her vehicle would start on fire" as the reason of denial to cover damages. My question is, who would drive a car knowing it's going to start on fire? When I called to complain they said they weren't going to cover because I didn't intentionally cause the damage. Again, why would anyone intentionally cause their family's property to set on fire or intentionally cause an accident/damage period?

I would not recommend this insurance company to my worst enemy. And Apollo, you have have a severe case of karma coming your way.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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